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Apama® Dashboard Studio™ Brings Sophisticated Visualization to Algorithmic Trading and Other Real-Time Event Processing Applications

BEDFORD, Mass., U.S.A – May 22, 2006 – Progress Software Corporation (Nasdaq: PRGS), a global supplier of application infrastructure software used to develop, deploy, integrate and manage business applications, today announced the availability of Progress® Apama® Dashboard Studio™, a richly-featured Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) dashboard design and execution environment for the Progress Apama Event Stream Processing™ platform.

The Dashboard Studio product augments the Progress Apama market-leading event stream processing monitoring and analysis capabilities with real-time visualization. Apama has established itself as a market leader in complex event processing, enabling the real-time monitoring and analysis of event streams from such sources as external stock market feeds and internal transaction data traffic. The modelling and rules capabilities of the Apama product act on event streams, in real time, to create 'operational intelligence.' The Dashboard Studio product, already in use at a number of client sites, gives the user the ability to visualize, in real time, all relevant activity, with automatic alerts when complex conditions or exceptions are detected.

Dr. John Bates, Vice President Apama Products, Progress Software, comments: “This new functionality makes real-time events and their changes accessible to users in an intuitive manner. For example, traders in financial services firms are using Apama to execute and monitor ever-more complex trading strategies. The sophistication of those strategies, coupled with increased market volume, demands real-time visibility to help traders understand and respond to market conditions. Apama Dashboard Studio provides just that.”

Rob Hegarty, Managing Director, Securities & Investments, TowerGroup, comments: “As the adoption of event stream processing continues in capital markets, competitive advantage is not only dependent upon who has the best trading and investing strategies, but also upon who is able to effectively monitor their strategies in real time, so they can capitalize on new opportunities quickly. For the traders themselves to accurately monitor the performance of those strategies, a flexible, easy to use dashboard is essential.”

The Dashboard Studio product includes a complete design and deployment environment with a wide range of visual objects, including meters, scales, tables, grids, bar and pie charts, along with trend and XY charts – all of which change dynamically as events occur in real time. Dashboard elements are accessible through a design palette from which the objects can be selected, placed on a visual canvas and parameterized. Apama also supports sophisticated summary configurations of the data displayed. A dashboard may, for example, provide a summary view of real-time trading conditions and positions through tables and charts, with the ability to drill down to one specified strategy, while retaining a real-time, continuously updated view of all events being monitored.

Mark Palmer, Vice President Event Stream Processing, Progress Software, comments: “Apama continues to lead the industry in event stream processing innovation with our new BAM dashboards. With an up-to-the-second, accurate visualization of the key metrics driving event-driven operations, our customers can make more timely and informed business decisions and capitalize on opportunities. There are so many areas where real-time visibility is required – from process operations, to supply chain, to military intelligence – and the breadth of our new dashboard capabilities can address all of these areas.”