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NewLink Launches Vista™ Service Oriented Architecture Framework Enterprise Business Model

NewLink Group Inc. announces the launch of the new Vista™ Service Oriented Architecture framework – Enterprise Business Model which applies to Insurance, Wealth Management, Credit Union and Banking organizations.

The Vista™ Service Oriented Architecture framework – Enterprise Business Model is a knowledge framework for managing, planning, designing, developing and implementing processes, and technology. Vista™ covers the full breadth of the business managed in an enterprise. The 335 page document defines more than 500 business services as well as the information structures that are managed. An integration map between the data and the functions is also included.

Vista™’s knowledge base is a result of more than 50 years of industry related expertise, 10 years of direct modeling effort, and represents the best practice approaches found in 8 different countries. VistaTM encompasses such concepts as: segmenting target markets, improving product development process, managing customer relationships, cross-selling products, maximizing distribution channel effectiveness, measuring business success, and supporting business functions with appropriate technology.

NewLink Group is a consulting company, focused on the financial industry. NewLink specializes in business and information technology architectures, business engineering, IT solutions, management of change, implementation and project management. Our consultants are professionals with extensive business management, consulting, and information technology experience in the financial industry.