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Migration of BIS FORPOST to Oracle 9i Completed

VILNIUS, May 2006/Forbis Ltd. – the Forbis Company has successfully completed the project of upgrading the Banking Information System FORPOST to the newer database management system Oracle 9i.

Complete upgrade to the Oracle 9i version enables software developers of the Forbis Company to take full advantage of the new features of this database management system while developing and improving the BIS FORPOST products, ensuring reliability and high operating speed of the system.

Presently all of the banks that use FORPOST in Lithuania and Russia are operating on the basis of Oracle 9i.

Besides, banks in Lithuania, Russia and Latvia have started commercial operation of the new FORPOST version 4.3.2 featuring the use Oracle Developer 6i. Oracle Developer 6i provides advanced features for the creation of forms, improves effectiveness and quality, and enhances development of the system. Both Oracle and Developer 6i are versions currently supported by Oracle.

Such upgrade of the systems gives the clients of the Forbis company better opportunities to develop their banking business and provides them with new tools to satisfy the ever growing needs of their customers.