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IRA to Participate in SEC Roundtable on Enhanced Financial Reporting

May 17, 2006

Institutional Risk Analytics will participate in a roundtable sponsored by the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 12, 2006 in Washington, D.C. The general topic of the roundtable is how the SEC may best to serve the needs of analysts and investors in all kinds of securities with interactive data.

"We applaud the SEC's commitment to systematically examine emerging technologies that will make interactive data a reality for investors and other consumers of financial information," notes IRA CEO Dennis Santiago. "In our presentation to the SEC, we will focus on the business case for streamlining the interactive data pipeline. We hope to contribute our analyst's viewpoint to address the different technology issues that need to be aligned to enable machine-readable disclosure across the broad range of registrants and the content they must file with the SEC. We will share some of the lessons we've learned from working with public sector and commercial databases, including examples of how interactivity will result in improve transparency and finer granularity of public disclosure."

IRA Managing Director Christopher Whalen will make the presentation to the SEC and participate in the roundtable. Copies of the IRA presentation will be available to the media under embargo on June 11, 2006.