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Tridion presents strong financial results for 2005

Strong growth in turnover due to continued success in Europe and growing demand in United States

Amsterdam, 16th May 2006 - Tridion, Europe’s recognised leader in content-management solutions, today unveiled excellent financial results for 2005. Sales growth has accelerated since 2004 and the company made a record profit in 2005. With a net profit of 3.6 million on a turnover of 18.6 million Euro, Tridion reported a net margin of 19%. The company’s balance sheet remains strong with net liquid assets of 9.2 million Euro, at the end of 2005.

The growth of turnover was attributable to both existing customers and a large number of new customers in Europe, Middle East and North America, including Repsol YPF, Tourism Ireland, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, AtlasCopco and First Gulf Bank. Tridion opened an office in New York in March 2006 in response to the growth of demand in North America.

“Opening an office in the United States was a logical move for Tridion,” said Pieter Varkevisser, Tridion’s CEO. “Our financial results for 2005 set the seal on our continuing success in Europe. The growing demand of our multinational customers and the positive ranking of prominent analysts indicate it is now time to look for new challenges and make further advances in the American market.”

As a result of the sustained growth the company expanded its workforce, with the R&D organisation in particular being strengthened. In addition, Tridion established an offshore development centre in Kiev. These efforts are clearly appreciated by its customers. A Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted in 2005 showed that 96% of customers are satisfied or very satisfied with Tridion’s support services.

In 2005 Tridion launched two new products:
- WebForms, which had already been licensed to more than 30 customers at the end of 2005.
- Channel Manager for Print, part of Tridion’s strategy of providing customers with advanced multi-channel communication functionality.

Outlook for 2006 -Tridion expects the market conditions for Web Content Management to improve further in 2006. This optimism is underpinned by a recent Forrester survey which showed that more than 85% of the large organisations in Europe and the United States expect to expand their Web Content Management infrastructure in 2006.

“Turnover growth is expected to accelerate further in 2006,” said Pieter Varkevisser, CEO of Tridion. “Thanks to the improved economic climate, the expansion in the United States and the larger market share in Europe, Tridion is perfectly positioned to achieve greater success in 2006!”.