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SunGard’s FAME Integrates with Insightful’s S-PLUS to Deliver Advanced Quantitative Analysis for Financial Institutions

New York, NY – May 15, 2006 – SunGard announced today that SunGard’s FAME data management solution for managing high-volume time series data will integrate with Insightful’s S-PLUS® software platform for statistical data analysis and predictive analytics. An integration module linking S-PLUS and FAME, called FAME S+Connector™, will help financial institutions’ research and investment analysts improve the speed and ease of optimizing portfolios, assessing risk exposure, conducting alpha tests, and identifying market opportunities.

FAME S+Connector was developed for buy-side and sell-side investment firms, including portfolio and hedge fund managers, with quantitative analysts that rely on historical and end of day data to generate statistical models and predictive analysis on market trends and opportunities consistent with the investment styles of the firm or their customers. Combined with FAME and S-PLUS, FAME S+Connector is designed to help analysts focus more of their time analyzing the data and serving customers. FAME S+Connector’s library of functions helps to reduce the time required by quantitative analysts to create powerful predictive models for financial data.

“FAME S+Connector helps provide financial institutions with greater opportunity to deliver superior products and services to their customers, while helping analysts spend their time doing analysis rather than preparing data,” said Martin DeBono, vice president of worldwide marketing for Insightful.

“In today’s volatile trading environments, advanced statistical analysis, accurate financial data and speed are paramount in helping to create the investment and risk models financial institutions need to stay ahead of the competition,” said Janet Crowley, president, data management solutions, SunGard. “By combining the richness and accuracy of the FAME time-series database with the powerful statistical modeling capabilities of S-PLUS, quantitative analysts will be able to create effective models for complex portfolios.”

FAME S+Connector is available for Microsoft® Windows®, Sun® Solaris™ and Linux operating systems.