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GL TRADE came 4th in the Truffle 100 French software firm ratings

Paris, May 9th 2006

GL TRADE, global provider of front-to-back office software solutions for international financial institutions, came 4th in the Truffle 100 ratings in 2005, behind Dassault Systèmes, Business Objects and Cegid.

The Truffle 100 is a performance indicator for French software firms. It gives a detailed insight into France's software publishing industry and analyzes its growth, value and job creation achievements. It also underlines its importance within the industry, its capacity for innovation and how it drives French R&D.

"With 13% of our turnover invested in R&D and a dedicated team of about 400, we are the leading software firm in our industry" commented Vincent Burzynski, VP Products at GL TRADE. "We are very proud of this rating which acknowledges the efforts of women and men that allow GL TRADE to be a major actor within its industry.”