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Partnership Helps Customers Extract Data from Legacy Systems in Real-Time

CHICAGO, May 8, 2006 – Aleri Labs, a provider of innovative stream processing technology for the financial services industry, today announced that it has partnered with Attunity, a leading provider of enterprise-class integration platforms for real-time and on-demand data integration.

The Aleri Labs and Attunity partnership overcomes one of the key obstacles to more widespread adoption of stream processing technology: the complexity associated with unlocking data residing in existing systems and integrating it in real-time with higher volume, low-latency streaming data, to give a true enterprise-wide view.

As a result of the partnership, companies will be able to leverage Attunity’s connectivity (Attunity Connect) and change data capture (Attunity Stream) products to create triggers that “push” transactions out of existing mainframe systems and into the Aleri Streaming Platform.

“This is a significant development for Aleri Labs and our customers,” said Don DeLoach, CEO of Aleri Labs. “Aleri Labs makes it easy to aggregate, capture, analyze and act on streaming data across the enterprise. Through our partnership with Attunity, we have made it easier for our customers to extract data from existing systems in real-time and integrate this data into powerful enterprise applications that leverage enterprise and streaming data together.”

For Attunity, the partnership further extends the company’s reach into the financial services vertical. It also broadens the footprint of its products and services for projects with significant demands for high-volume, zero-latency data.

“This is truly a complementary partnership,” said Andy Bailey, Vice President of Marketing, at Attunity. “Attunity and Aleri Labs have stepped up to the mark to make it easier to integrate enterprise data and zero-latency streaming data. As a result, our Attunity Connect and Attunity Stream products, already leaders in the industry, will now have even greater functionality advantage for our customers.”