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London, 08 May 2006 - Investmaster Group Ltd today announced that Cunningham Coates Stockbrokers, one of Belfast's oldest and leading financial institutions, has committed to Investmaster's flagship 4i product set, including 4i-Core, the highly scalable middle and back-office system that automates the entire transaction, settlement and custody process; 4i-Connect for Crest connectivity; and 4i-OMR, the functionally rich order management and routing system. Already established users of Wealthmaster Front Office, the real-time, front office portfolio management product, Cunningham Coates Stockbrokers will achieve a fully integrated and seamless front to back office solution. Cunningham Coates Stockbrokers has enjoyed a ten-year relationship with Investmaster, supplier of market leading integrated systems for wealth managers and institutional brokers.

The move to the 4i-Core, Connect and OMR products means that Cunningham Coates joins a wide and well-established community of over twenty existing users. Future development of the product suite, to incorporate forthcoming changes in CREST and SWIFT messaging and the upcoming MiFID regulation, will be shared amongst all users.

Commenting on the announcement, William Young, Project Manager, Cunningham Coates Stockbrokers said: "We have historically worked very well with Investmaster and are looking forward to the relationship continuing to grow with the implementation of these products. Investmaster have an active and inclusive approach to product development, and we are reassured that by joining a wide and well established community of Investmaster users we will continue to benefit from an integrated cost effective system."

Tom Brady, Chief Executive Officer at Investmaster, commented: "We are delighted that Cunningham Coates are moving to our flagship 4i product suite, and look forward to extending our relationship with them in providing integrated and cost effective solutions."