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Wachovia Selects SunGard’s Adaptiv for Counterparty Credit Risk Management

Global Exposures, Limits and Collateral Management Delivered Via ASP

LONDON – 5th May, 2006 - SunGard today announced that Wachovia, the fourth largest bank holding company in the United States, has selected SunGard’s Adaptiv for enterprise-wide counterparty credit risk management. Wachovia will use Adaptiv Credit Risk to manage credit risk in corporate and investment banking and capital management groups, across a wide range of trading activities. Adaptiv Credit Risk is a real-time, credit risk solution for global exposure aggregation and limit management It provides credit risk analytics, collateral management and Web-based communications.

Adaptiv will help Wachovia to integrate credit risk management across multiple business lines globally, while helping to ensure that risk measurement methods comply with industry regulations such as Basel II. This will improve the bank’s information flow and allocation of risk capital. It will also increase responsiveness to limit management requirements, which will help it to increase volumes of business within its existing limit profiles.

David Gaines, executive vice president, risk management, Wachovia, said, “The decision to select an outsourced solution was one not taken lightly. However SunGard has demonstrated that it can offer a strong partnership with a solid track record of delivering a solution that will help us address our credit risk management requirements in an effective way.”

Juerg Hunziker, president of SunGard’s Adaptiv business unit, said, “Adaptiv will help Wachovia to improve its workflow by providing a solution that consolidates all types of credit risk, streamlines the technology process and helps enable more trading activity to be delivered in an accurate and timely manner. In addition, by delivering the solution on an ASP basis, SunGard will provide a cost-effective and resilient solution to Wachovia.”