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New York, Tuesday 2 May 2006 – Gissing Software, solution specialists in the routing and transformation of real-time market and trade data, today announced the launch of Gissing ConteX Express, extending its proven range of ConteX products to meet the specific requirements of organizations with modest contribution needs. The new product is available for roll-out to customers later this month.

Gissing ConteX Express will allow organizations to automate their contributions process, increasing efficiency while also keeping costs to a minimum. The technology can be used to contribute market prices to a single venue, and to get prices from real-time spreadsheets or pricing applications out to the market without a market data platform. It can also be used to publish real-time prices to a website for clients. A key application of Gissing ConteX Express will be to enable clients to easily migrate from Bloomberg PriceLink to Bloomberg MPF. It provides an ideal solution for clients who are keen to contribute executable prices on Bloomberg MPF. Gissing ConteX Express ensures all prices are delivered to their chosen venue with minimum latency and maximum reliability.

Deployed on a Microsoft Windows platform, Gissing ConteX Express provides a ’one-in, one-out‘ configuration that is not tied to a particular messaging platform or vendor format, and is straightforward to install and configure. It is available in a choice of standard ‘flavours’, while ConteX’s extensive library of more than 20 different data handlers, including the recently announced FAST Protocol and MiFID Transparency handlers, allows versions to be built to meet clients’ specific data requirements. Organizations can start with a single version of Gissing ConteX Express, and as their contributions grow they can seamlessly upgrade to Gissing ConteX MCS to handle contributions to multiple venues.

Intelligent mapping between the input and output handlers ensures the technology is simple and flexible for clients to use. Fast and effective problem identification can be realized through Gissing ConteX Express’s ability to produce a complete event log, monitor individual records and updates, and carry out statistical data collection in real-time.

Richard Gissing, CTO, Gissing Software, said: “Until now, financial institutions with modest contribution needs faced an insidious choice when deciding what technology to adopt. Gissing ConteX Express allows them to function more efficiently with flexible, customizable technology that’s already tried and tested. The product has evolved from Gissing ConteX MCS, Gissing Software’s proven multi contribution system, which is already used to meet the contribution needs of major financial institutions at more than 40 sites around the globe. As the most economical and reliable one-in, one-out contribution solution available Gissing ConteX Express is perfect for organizations looking for contributions technology for modest requirements.”