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Transduco launch new services for financial services IT companies expanding cross-border

* Multi-lingual skills, financial services and IT experience a strong combination

London and Frankfurt, 2nd May, 2006 - Transduco, the specialist provider of cross-border business development services for companies operating in the financial services technology sector today announced their new range of services for companies who wish to expand their businesses across English, French and German speaking countries.

As the first point of call for many who are researching to buy financial services products and services; identify potential business or technology partners or indeed seek out investment, foreign-language only websites often represent a barrier to clear communication. What should be "windows" into an organization are more often than not "door" closers, leaving visitors confused, frustrated and encouraged to go elsewhere.

Specialising in partner management, cross-border business development, language and culture-oriented coaching, the company now offers a very personalized service for the creation, translation, design and implementation of multi-language websites. Working closely with clients from the outset, the design and final website are truly an extension of the vision and philosophy of the company. With more than 20 years experience in the financial services technology industry, the Transduco team is able to provide the right blend of expertise, experience, practical advice and guidance. These additional services now ensure that Transduco offers clients a complete service that ensures continuity of corporate vision, style and positioning.

This new service has been developed to help break down the barriers of market entry and follows the recent launch of the "Transduco Pavilion", a unique opportunity for companies who wish to explore the German market at this year's E.B.I.F. (European Banking and Insurance Fair) to be held in Frankfurt in mid November 2006. Over 250 exhibitors and 7,000 visitors will be involved in the fair and the "Transduco Pavilion" offers a highly effective though affordable entry point for companies who are exploring this market.

Stefan Mies, Managing Director and Founder of Transduco comments "One of the greatest challenges facing financial services technology companies as they expand into foreign markets is the ability to articulate the value proposition of their products or services to these markets and build credibility with people of differing cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Whilst the common language of technology might be English, overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers when building relationships with new customers, partners and business associates requires much more effort and understanding. The real cost of mis-communication may never be known. Transduco offers a specialised service for companies who are serious about expanding their business into foreign markets in a way that is productive and cost effective."