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Multiple Avotus communications e-Procurements deliver results

Companies return to Avotus to build on communications auction success…

TORONTO and BOSTON – May 2, 2006 – Avotus Corporation, the leading provider of communications expense management (TEM) and e-Procurement solutions, today announced that 17 of its customers that have used Avotus WebAuction™ and e-Procurement services for purchasing communications products and services have returned to Avotus for additional auctions.

This repeat business demonstrates the success of previous e-Procurements and provides customers with additional savings. Customers conduct multiple e-Procurement transactions because contracts terminate on different cycles and they separately negotiate different types of communications, including long distance, wireless, data, audio and Web conferencing, as well as new technologies, such as MPLS (multi-protocol label switching).

As part of its e-Procurement services following the auction, Avotus can also handle negotiations on behalf of its customers and act as the primary interface with the carriers. In addition to the savings and improved terms and conditions resulting from the Avotus WebAuction, customers save additional time and in-house resources by outsourcing the contract negotiations to Avotus specialists. Recent Avotus e-Procurement projects include landline, wireless, data and other communications services for companies in biotech, construction, energy, high technology, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

One example cited by Avotus is of a leading biotechnology company that had previously conducted a landline voice e-Procurement auction resulting in 46% savings over the course of the three-year, $6 million contract. The more recent wireless auction delivered $2.2 million in savings on a $6.8 million multi-year contract. In this case, Avotus handled all of the negotiations with the carriers. The company remained with its current carriers while benefiting from lower rates and improved terms.

“Avotus is demonstrating, in no uncertain terms, that we offer a completely new way to source communications, one that is unmatched,” said Alan Gold, Avotus chief marketing officer. “We have both the domain expertise and communications-optimized WebAuction technology that deliver substantial savings. When customers combine those capabilities with our negotiating and communications contract management services, they can be assured that they receive the full savings over the life of the contract.”