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Human Inference launches HIquality Merge – creating valuable information by merging data

Arnhem, 1 May 2006 - Human Inference, supplier of data quality software, launches HIquality Merge, enabling companies to merge important information to achieve an accurate view of primary business data. Unambiguous information, such as about customers or products, improves the competitive position, reduces operational costs and forms the basis for compliancy to rules and regulations. Different registrations of the same customer or product should be merged to ensure a single and complete view.

In order to accurately identify similarities between matching registrations, Human Inference has been delivering HIquality Identify to more than 100 customers for over 20 years. In its turn, HIquality Merge provides merging of the matching records in a user-friendly way. It reduces the chance of human errors by automatically merging records by means of company-specific business rules (such as the use of telephone numbers with most frequent addresses). An intuitive user interface is fully integrated in the product to enable users to judge complex situations.