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cKlear introduces ‘Accelerate’ – nirvana for financial traders and risk managers

cKlear’s years of experience in the trading and risk markets helped them to understand the pain-points of energy traders, financial traders, risk managers, front-middle-back office staff and last but not the least IT Managers. Using its experience and feedback it received, cklear has architected a state-of-the-art frame-work – Accelerate, that would solve many of the problems being faced by this community.

Some of these problems we noticed were:

• Disparate IT systems that do not talk to each other. This means that a trade entry by the front-office must be followed up with a phone call or e-mail to downstream system operators to process the trade.
• The existing systems often have rich functionality but are deficient in areas like scalability, performance and fault tolerance.
• The lack of high-speed computation engine forces trading businesses to compromise on the kind of analysis and control systems they can implement.
• Tightly coupled applications that cannot be modified, resulting in high cost of maintenance
• The company is slow to react to market/regulatory changes and hence loses important opportunities.

cKlear’s Accelerate provides business and technical services that helps customers to use their existing systems that they have been using for years. However, it eliminates the deficiencies plaguing them, thus enabling them to get more out of their investments. cKlear’s framework cohesively orchestrates a robust solution around customers existing systems gaining immediate benefits for them.

Later, and based on the business needs, the customers can gradually replace or add snap-in components to suit their business priorities but maintaining a strategic platform all the while.

Many vendors claim to solve one or more of these problems. The trouble is that buying any new system has significant time, cost and management overhead. In general, it takes several months - even years before any tangible business benefits are realized. This makes it very difficult to judge if things are going in the right direction. cKlear’s Accelerate framework helps in expediting the realization of business benefits by providing snap-in components that can be incrementally deployed. This allows the business to relieve immediate pain points and yet continually move towards a strategic solution.

It is designed to integrate with and use some of the leading Service Grids, caching technologies, messaging tools, grid compute engines, O/R persistence tools such as GigaSpaces, QuIC, TIBCO, Hibernate etc.