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Asian stocks at record highs

Asian stocks have been pushed to an all-time high, demonstrating the continued attractiveness of Asian markets to investors, both home and abroad.

Stocks climbed after several companies in the Far East showed solid earnings over the first quarter, showing that international concerns about rising oil prices have has had much less impact on investor confidence in Asia, compared with their US and European counterparts.

Fund manager Eric Chou, who manages $1.8 billion at Jih Sun Securities Investment Trust in Taipei, commented: "Solid earnings across the region help create more room for stocks to go higher."

Investors should consider buying companies that report good scorecards," he added.

There has been a sharp increase in profits for companies in the region, with the Japanese car manufacturers such as Honda and Toyota leading the way in the regions largest economy.

Korean computer hardware industry has also been doing well, attracting investors, resulting in share price increases.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Teo Chon Kiat of Singapore's DBS Asset Management said that the economies could continue to attract investors at the same rate in the future.

"Investors are buying on expectations that earnings growth is going to be strong, and valuations are still reasonable," he said.