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Zagada Selects SER Solutions As Premiere Outbound Solutions Member for its Sphaero Alliance

Acceleration in Caribbean and Central America Call Center Nearshoring Prompted Sphaero to Seek Outbound Specialist to Serve Regional Contact Centers

Miami, Coral Gables FL. – April, 2006 - Zagada Markets, Inc., a leading business development strategy and advisory firm, has selected SER Solutions, Inc., as its premiere outbound contact center technology member for its Sphaero Alliance outsourcing partnership. Zagada Institute, the company’s research arm projects that Caribbean and Central America agent density will reach 80,000 among its 300 centers by the end of 2006.

“While the region’s contact center activity is significantly inbound customer care and technical support, we’re seeing a growing percentage of up-sell and outbound initiatives among regional centers we interviewed for both our latest Central America Call Center Report 2007 and our updated February 2006 analysis on our Caribbean Call Center Report research reports,” said Philip Dickenson Peters, CEO of Zagada Markets.“This growth in the service delivery mix drove our decision to identify, invite and position a leader with outbound niche expertise to expand our Sphaero Alliance Nearshore portal offering,” Peters said.

Based in Dulles, Virginia, SER Solutions is an award-winning provider of contact center software to contact center operators, telecom operators, financial institutions and major enterprises. The Company's solutions support business activities such as planned and proactive customer care, telemarketing, collections, fundraising, emergency notifications and political calling.Seven of the top 10 global teleservices agencies use SER technology.

“We are delighted to join the Sphaero Alliance in extending and positioning the SER brand to contact centers in the Caribbean, Central America and Latin America. SER is fully committed to serving our existing clients in the region and equally focused on attracting new customers to our client portfolio,” said Juan Navarro, CEO of SER Solutions, Inc.