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New Program Targets Service Reuse as a Key Driver for Expanding Partner’s Project Margins; Partners Also Leveraging webMethods Fabric to Create Customized Business Solutions

FAIRFAX, Va. – April 25, 2006 – webMethods, Inc. (Nasdaq: WEBM), a leading business integration and optimization software company, today strengthened its commitment to its industry partners with the introduction of the SOA Partner Accelerator program as a new component of the webMethods Partner Program. The new program is designed to equip these organizations – including OEM, Value-Added Reseller (VAR), system integration, and distribution partners – with the resources needed to more fully capitalize on the shift to service-oriented architecture (SOA) as the next-generation enterprise computing platform.

“We’ve long believed that we offer the industry’s richest and most flexible platform for enabling measurable business process improvements. As a result, we’ve been able to consistently help leading enterprises realize significant returns from modest investments,” said Rich Chiarello, COO, webMethods, Inc. “Our SOA Partner Accelerator program builds upon this value proposition to help our partners create more valuable ‘franchises’ for their businesses. First, they can take advantage of the ability to reuse their existing assets within new applications and engagements as a more profitable approach to application development. Second, they can use our platform to create customized business solutions, which can be more easily and cost-effectively replicated across multiple engagements through the use of webMethods Fabric.”

Partners have long relied upon the intuitive, ease-of-use that webMethods has brought to solving complex business integration requirements. Building upon this heritage, partners can use the new program to more readily leverage the completeness and flexibility offered by webMethods Fabric™, the company’s flagship product suite, as well as webMethods’ additional domain expertise as they seek to help their customers more quickly and cost-effectively enact an SOA within their organization.

webMethods Fabric can also be employed by partners to facilitate wider reuse of existing services within their developments efforts, which reduces the percentage of custom coding required for each project. Through this approach, partners can improve the overall profitability of each project as the lower margins associated with custom development are replaced with existing components offering higher returns. By defining their unique intellectual property as reusable Web services, process templates and business dashboards, partners can also leverage webMethods Fabric as a replicable framework for packaging these assets together as proprietary business solutions, which can be easily deployed across numerous implementations.

“The consistent and widespread reuse of existing services as a core component of our global deployment and delivery capability is one of the ways in which Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has established itself as a global leader universally recognized for both high quality and high value in IT consulting, services and products,” said Dr. Santosh Mohanty, global head of TCS’ business intelligence, knowledge management and enterprise application integration practice. “webMethods Fabric offers us the ability to improve our competitiveness through the reuse of existing services rather than developing new functionality from scratch. Even a moderate amount of reuse within each project can have a dramatic impact on its efficiency, profitability and success. As a global IT leader, TCS has made a significant commitment to SOA with our webMethods partnership serving as an important component of these efforts. We look forward to building upon this successful relationship, which has benefited each organization’s customer base.”

Enterprise adoption of SOA is being driven by the need to decouple existing application functionality as reusable components so that these services can be assembled and redeployed as process-based solutions. By employing an SOA-framework to deliver best-in-class business integration, process management and activity monitoring capabilities in a modular fashion, webMethods Fabric can be used by partners to streamline, automate and optimize their clients’ critical business processes with far greater speed, efficiency and precision.

Through this approach, they can also reduce the cost of subsequent system development through the expanded reuse of existing services and interfaces as the foundation for new solutions. Additional benefits include improved performance and reliability, which stems from the reuse of previously tested and deployed components as the building blocks for critical business systems. Implementation and reuse costs are further reduced by the enhanced, out-of-the box interoperability that is inherent in a service-oriented approach to computing.

“webMethods understands what it takes for partners to be successful and we applaud their latest move,” said Michael Tennant, president and CEO, FCS Business Solutions. “With the introduction of their SOA Partner Accelerator program, we’re able to further expand our knowledgebase and leadership around SOA while enhancing the speed and effectiveness in which we can deliver our services. Through the use of webMethods Fabric, we can even replicate this process across multiple engagements, allowing us to fully capitalize on our unique intellectual property and domain experience. As a Preferred Delivery Partner, FCS Business Solutions has previously made a significant commitment to webMethods and in helping to support its global customer base. We look forward to building upon this successful relationship.”

Through the SOA Partner Accelerator program, partners can enhance their competitive position with training and certification on webMethods’ exclusive business case analysis tools, reference architectures and implementation methodologies. The webMethods Partner Program also offers the company’s partners wide latitude in how they engage with webMethods to jointly support customers and prospects with the program offering dedicated access to webMethods’ most critical assets, such as sales and marketing resources, product development assistance, and professional services support.

Added Chiarello, “The strategic importance to our partners of expanded reuse cannot be overstated as it provides a more cost-effective and efficient means for developing new solutions. Our partners have consistently played an important role in driving our success and it was essential that we take a leadership role in helping them leverage these significant opportunities enabled by SOA. At the same time, we’re equally excited by the additional reach that we believe these expanded partnerships will offer us into new markets that we do not currently serve.”