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Avotus’ Usage Management is the new Call Accounting

Continues to lead in telecommunications management…

TORONTO and BOSTON – April 25, 2006 – Avotus Corporation, the leading provider of communications expense management (TEM) and e-Procurement solutions, continues to expand its business in traditional call accounting markets. Avotus has termed its solution Usage Management since it more accurately reflects the enhanced features and functionality of its offering and more closely aligns with the company’s Expense Management and e-Procurement solutions. Avotus, under its Intelligent Communications Management™ (ICM) brand, offers the widest range of telecommunications solutions.

Avotus ICM Usage Management/Call Accounting supports traditional PBX-based landline communications as well as new and emerging technologies, including wireless cell phones, Voice over IP (VoIP), teleconferencing, videoconferencing, Web-based conferencing, Personal Data Assistants (PDAs), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, pagers, local and remote online connections and calling cards.

With its ability to track the costs associated with these new communications technologies and modes, Avotus Usage Management expands traditional call accounting to encompass more advanced capabilities. It enables users to accurately determine utilization to avoid over or under provisioning; analyze how new technologies affect the usage rates of other modes of communication; implement usage policies to control costs for all types of communications.

The detailed information is available via Web-based reports to provide visibility to monitor the effectiveness of new communications policies. Ad hoc and scheduled reports can be easily distributed by email and printed to PDF. Usage Management enables an organization to allocate costs so business units have accountability for the amount of resources they consume; and it provides data for audits and to comply with security, legal and regulatory requirements related to communications usage.

Avotus’ Usage Management call accounting solution integrates with the company’s other communications management products, including the ICM Expense Management solution, which automates the processing, monitoring and reporting of invoices, and manages the invoice dispute/recovery process.

“Avotus got its start in call accounting, so we know the telecommunications business inside and out,” commented Alan Gold, Avotus chief marketing officer. “Being able to link the top down view of communications spend provided by Expense Management with the bottom up view from Usage Management, Avotus provides organizations unparalleled views of their communications costs.

“But, we haven’t stopped there. We’ve continued to extend our offerings to help customers source and procure communications products and services with our ICM e-Procurement solution and its online reverse auctions. Many of our call accounting customers have taken advantage of these new offerings while continuing to enhance their usage management systems.”

Avotus Usage Management works with the latest communications platforms, including Nortel MCS5100 and Cisco CallManager. It is available immediately as a software solution for onsite installation, as a hosted service or as a completely outsourced value added managed service.