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COSS Partners with CrailHuntly to Provide Point-of-Sale Illustrations for Combosurance

Huntersville, NC - COSS Development Corporation (COSS) has partnered with CrailHuntly LLC as the exclusive provider of multi-carrier composite and single carrier compliant sales illustrations for Combosurance. Bruce Gordon, Co-founder and President of CrailHuntly, and John Lundsten, President and CEO of COSS, jointly announced the strategic partnership.

"In taking Combosurance from concept to launch, we knew we were introducing a revolutionary, alternative way to acquire Life Insurance," says Gordon. "With that in mind, we needed an illustration provider in which we had absolute confidence. One that delivers uncompromised quality, on time and on budget, with no surprises. We selected COSS, a leader in Life Illustrations since 1987."

Combosurance enables consumers to simultaneously buy several policies from multiple insurance companies in one package. Consumers will have the convenience of one application process, one underwriting process, and one premium payment each due date.

"Traditional policies are designed to be competitively strong in one area, such as low price, high long-term cash value, or strong guarantees," states Gordon. "Unfortunately, these policies aren't strong in every area and it forces the consumer to make tradeoffs when purchasing a single policy. With Combosurance, the consumer leverages the strengths of each policy while mitigating any associated risks."

CrailHuntly's first Combosurance package, which is currently available through independent agents, is called Basic Permanent and contains individual universal and whole life permanent life insurance policies from several prominent participating carriers. Future Combosurance offerings are planned around single premium life, term life, and annuities.

Lundsten added, "Combosurance is a simple way to diversify and maximize overall value for the Life Insurance consumer. CrailHuntly's launch of Combosurance is attracting a great deal of attention as it presents a tremendous value proposition for both financial service professionals and consumers alike. At COSS, our mission is to simplify technology for sales success in the world of financial services. I'm pleased and honored that CrailHuntly has selected COSS as its strategic business partner to provide all Combosurance Point-of-Sale Illustrations."