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World Leading Financial Services Company Renews Multi-year, Multi-technology Enterprise Relationship with IONA

DUBLIN, Ireland & Zurich, Switzerland - February 21st, 2006 - IONA Technologies (NASDAQ: IONA), a world leader in high-performance integration solutions for mission-critical IT environments, today announced that Credit Suisse Group, a world leading financial services company, has renewed a multi-year, multi-technology enterprise relationship for ongoing deployment of IONA's products for the development and management of its Service
Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Credit Suisse and IONA first began working together in 1997 when the Group initiated a major re-engineering of its IT infrastructure using Orbix, IONA's CORBA based product. The goal of the project was to migrate to an integration and interoperability model based on SOA principles. To add further system flexibility and reuse, Credit Suisse is currently evaluating Artix, IONA's extensible Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) product.

"Central to our initial selection of Orbix was IONA's strong commitment to the product and the company's pioneering work to establish CORBA as the accepted industry standard it is today," said Martin Prater, Head of Integration Technologies, Credit Suisse Group. "Our IT infrastructure is supported by an extensive Orbix deployment which has successfully scaled to meet the evolving needs of our SOA strategy. In the future we will explore web services and potentially enable some of our systems with new technologies such as Artix."
Orbix provides the foundation for the Credit Suisse Information Bus (CSIB), enabling a service-oriented, real-time, request and reply interoperability between the company's back-end mainframe applications and front-end systems.
Orbix' proven capabilities to natively support mainframe applications is central to Credit Suisse's ability to provide a consistent, secure and real time view of business data. In the future, Credit Suisse requires that some of these systems be made available as reusable web services across its extended SOA infrastructure. Artix' extensible and highly configurable plug-in architecture is designed to provide enterprise organisations, such as Credit Suisse, with the demanding levels of system flexibility required for next generation SOA infrastructures.

"The ability to scale our existing IT infrastructure is vital in today's highly competitive business environment, where time-to-market can be the difference between a market leader and a market follower," continued Martin Prater. "We're confident that IONA can continue to meet our integration and business needs in support of our ongoing SOA infrastructure development."

"An incremental adoption methodology and a highly measurable deployment strategy with quantifiable technical and business ROI figures, offers a best practice approach to SOA enablement. Equally important is a SOA infrastructure that promotes ongoing system reuse and longevity in its ability to continue to meet future IT requirements." commented Paolo Malinverno, Research Vice President, Gartner.

"IONA is committed to helping its customers further develop and extend their existing IT assets and drive new value from those systems," said Peter Zotto, CEO, IONA Technologies. "Many of IONA's Global 2000 customers, such as Credit Suisse, have deployed first generation SOA environments with Orbix, IONA's CORBA solution. Driving new value from those systems and extending their SOA infrastructure with next generation solutions, such as Artix, is critical."