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SunGard Launches New Protegent Surveillance Solution for Compliance, Surveillance and Suitability

Salt Lake City, UT – February 6, 2006 – SunGard announced today the availability of Protegent Surveillance, a solution that combines capabilities of SunGard’s Protegent BrokerAudit and Synapse Surveillance products into one comprehensive compliance and surveillance solution for financial services institutions. The first version of Protegent Surveillance is now in production at several customer sites with additional implementations scheduled over the next few months.

The first version of Protegent Surveillance includes trade review capabilities for reviewing client profiles, transactions and accounts to help provide transaction review and account monitoring for suitability-based, ethical and quality of practice analysis.

“Protegent Surveillance was designed to help compliance officers meet the increasing challenges of time- and labor-intensive trade review processes, as well as to communicate effectively with supervisors and reps in the field,” said Paul Erickson, president of SunGard’s compliance and surveillanceProtegent business solutions. “Protegent Surveillance helps to provide centralized information across the organization and a more proactive environment, placing information into the hands of people that can help affect change and solve problems before they become serious. SunGard and its customersWe are encouraged by the successful roll-out of Protegent Surveillance, and look forward to subsequent enhancements throughout the year.”

SunGard will release the next version of Protegent Surveillance in the second quarter of 2006, which will add modules for consolidated client data auditing, account risk ranking, and anti-money laundering exception management for detecting “red flag” conditions against criteria developed by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD).

Protegent Surveillance is designed to help brokerages, banks and insurance companies analyze the quality of supervision and practice, verify client suitability, identify questionable transactions and positions, support field audits, and respond quickly to both regulatory and legislative challenges. Protegent Surveillance provides financial services institutions with enhanced technical flexibility, platform independence, scalability and processing speed.

SunGard will continue to offer the Synapse Workbench for customers that want to define their own rules without the need for technical expertise.

SunGard provides an integrated suite of services to help advisors meet the financial needs of their clients, and capitalize on growing opportunities in wealth management. By providing a complete full array of capabilities for client profiling and financial planning, asset allocation and portfolio management, securities processing and asset accounting, and consolidated client reporting and performance measurement, SunGard helps organizations to deliver on the promise of a more holistic and consultative client experience.