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Pegasystems Launches Two New Frameworks for Financial Institutions

Wholesale Banking and Smart Investigate Enhance Best Practices

Reading, Berks, 26 January 2006: – Pegasystems Inc. (Nasdaq: PEGA), the leader in smart business process management (BPM), today announced the launch of two solutions for the wholesale banking market.

The Wholesale Banking Industry Framework allows financial institutions to rapidly develop flexible banking applications built on Pegasystems' SmartBPM™ Suite. Financial services institutions (FSIs) can improve time to market, drive BPM best practices and enhance their agility using the framework.

Pegasystems has also launched a new version of Smart Investigate for Payments™. The enhanced solution improves banks' exceptions-related customer service while increasing operational efficiency.

“Pegasystems' Wholesale Banking Industry Framework dramatically improves the ease and speed with which financial institutions can begin applying BPM for growth, productivity and compliance needs,” said Andy Elliott, director of product management, Pegasystems. “Banks currently face challenges in streamlining operations while differentiating their services and ensuring regulatory compliance. In response, the Wholesale Banking Industry Framework helps banks achieve flexibility, transparency and control throughout the enterprise.”

The banking industry is increasingly recognising the value of Pegasystems' BPM technology – Pegasystems customers currently include seven of the top ten global banks. As noted in a recent TowerGroup Report*: ‘By coupling business process management with integrated architectures that build on enterprise data management, FSIs can simplify and automate workflows, thus enabling a faster and more effective response to customer queries, emerging customer needs, changing business requirements and a fast-moving regulatory landscape.’ Pegasystems uniquely offers deep banking capabilities built on a unified process and rules technology.

The Wholesale Banking Industry Framework provides pre-built functionality to accelerate the development of banking applications. Included in the release are: extensive SWIFT messaging capabilities; solution design models including organisational units, work parties, user portals and screens and integration points; best-practice process flows and pre-configured data structures.

By applying the pre-built foundational elements of the Industry Framework and Pegasystems' leading SmartBPM Suite, financial institutions can rapidly build solutions such as compliance management, operational risk management, customer case management and sales force management. The flexibility offered by Pegasystems' rules-driven BPM platform helps banks obtain agile solutions that deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

Smart Investigate for Payments, which complies with SWIFT standards, enables business processes to adapt as organisational needs, market opportunities and industry regulations change. This latest release, which includes improved productivity and consistent exception handling through bulk case processing, also ensures better customer service and trend identification with a "related case" feature that helps operators understand how similar problems for the same customer were previously resolved.

The personal dashboard provides users with real-time graphical reports and proactive alerts for better management control and early identification of trends, problems and bottlenecks. Currently Smart Investigate supports 60 per cent of the global investigations market and resolves up to $1 trillion in daily payment investigations.

"Pegasystems' rules-driven financial service solutions deliver the agility required in today's dynamic business environment," said Elliott. "Our customers are some of the largest institutions in the world and they pride themselves on delivering top-notch customer service to their clients. By offering superior automation capabilities on a highly flexible platform, we can quickly enhance organisations' processes across the enterprise."

* Riding Enterprise Technologies for Risk and Compliance: New Opportunities for Customer Value, by V. Garcia, July 2005