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Generali goes live with Rhyme Systems' rhymeSIGHT Back Office

London 31st January 2006: Rhyme Systems today announces that Generali International Limited has gone live with rhymeSIGHT Back Office.

The new technology provides Generali International users with system access via a web browser along with improved functionality and database access. The software architecture enables thin-client deployment and efficient input and throughput capabilities.

RhymeSIGHT Back Office includes Dealing & Settlement functions to support an extensive range of investment instruments and has a large installed base of investment management firms. Clients include M&G, Jupiter, Newton and Coutts.

"The upgrade has provided Generali International with increased productivity via advanced functions such a browser based Deal entry function " explains Paul Bebber, Sales Manager, Rhyme Systems.

With over 20 years of experience in the offshore sector, Generali International offers a wide range of personal financial products for the international investor. These include savings, investment, retirement, income and protection products, with established brands such as Vision and Professional Portfolio.

"rhymeSIGHT Back Office has provided us with improved data access and enables us to extend the product's use within the organisation and to achieve tangible business benefits.," says Mark Lainé, Head of Information Systems, Generali International Limited.

Generali International is wholly owned by Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. The Generali Group has an international presence across five continents, operating in some 40 markets. Generali's success is reflected in it being ranked a top thirty company by the 2005 Fortune Global 500, with assets under management in excess of 270 billion euros. The Group offers protection against all risks from simple cover for an individual to large industrial insurance. Generali covers civil engineering works, computer networks, and the insurance of space missions in which Generali was one of the pioneers and is now the world leader.