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10-K Wizard Quadruples International Financial Coverage

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 9, 2006--10-K Wizard Technology, a leading provider of SEC EDGAR services and solutions, and infinancials, a leading provider of international fundamental data and screening tools, today launched a new financial module, CorporateFocus Screener (TM), in exclusive partnership. The agreement provides 10-K Wizard subscribers with access to a suite of screening and benchmarking tools as well as fundamental data, ratios and consensus on earnings estimates for more than 45,000 companies internationally.

Corporatefocus is used by M&A experts, financial analysts, money managers, corporate strategists and competitive intelligence professionals to determine the profitability and financial health of a company, in the past, present and future. The addition of Corporatefocus Screener demonstrates 10-K Wizard's continuing commitment to provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions for comprehensive company research.

The Corporatefocus Screener module contains: five (5) years of annual and interim data extracted from annual and interim shareholder reports published by 45,000 companies worldwide. Using a rigorous methodology for standardizing fundamental data according to diverse reporting methods, Corporatefocus Screener delivers the accuracy and timeliness that financial researchers require; 32 key financial ratios in four categories: profitability, liquidity, utilization and market valuation; Charts, embedded in each of the major line items providing fast and accurate visuals for 40 primary accounting items; Consensus Estimates on seven performance benchmarks including Earnings per Share and EBITDA, along with a bar chart displaying buyhold- sell recommendations sourced from JCF Group, a Factset company.

Screening tools included in the module provide robust functionality but are easy to use, allowing the user to choose from a variety of Industry Sectors defined by Dow Jones, Financial Times, Multex/Reuters and WorldVest Base. Industry filters can be combined with a custom-weighting system, geographic sectors, credit ratings from S&P and financial data points to create customized peer-groups, compare multiple companies or benchmark against the industry median for broader comparisons.

"Our clients compete in a global economy and our mission is to provide the best of breed tools and company financial data to ensure that our clients can reliably enjoy the easiest, fastest service for finding the information they need. The addition of Corporatefocus Screener provides our clients with the broadest international coverage and in-depth content coverage that's a cost-effective option," said Martin Zacarias, CEO of 10-K Wizard Technology.

"We are delighted to be partnering with 10-K Wizard, a very dynamic company in the financial information sector. Our companies make a great fit, with our international fundamental data and tools complementing 10K-Wizard's already wide-reaching services. Our aim is to appeal to 10K's wide client-base, from librarians, bankers, attorneys, to corporate executives, by broadening the scope of the information and tools they can access." said Vincent Nahum, CEO of infinancials.

10-K Wizard is a leading SEC EDGAR research and alerting service that offers the flexibility to customize its popular basic service with powerful tools for collaborative research as well as international, financial and regulatory data needed to support specialized research requirements. 10-K Wizard's basic offering provides unlimited sophisticated full-text searching, real-time alerting, 10 unique datasets. Comprehensive Company Profiles contain hyperlinks to related data such as glossy annual reports, related companies, as well as quotes, news and charts. Cost recovery tracking and reporting is part of the basic offering, as well as online training and research assistance provided by experienced, responsive customer support staff. Through its site at, the company currently serves over 18,000 professionals within 850 corporations primarily in the legal, financial, media and corporate markets. In addition, 10K Wizard is a leading provider of content to major financial information services companies.