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Rhyme Systems launches its new working culture in Birmingham

London, 19th December 2005: Rhyme Systems, a leading supplier of international innovative front to back office systems, has launched its new working culture with the relocation of its Birmingham office.

With the office move to Colbalt Square, Rhyme staff will now benefit from upgraded technology systems including a voice over IP telephony system (VoIP) and remote email access from hand held devices and via a web-browser, as well as its new flexible working initiative.

The scheme, which proved highly successful during its trial period, offers staff the option of working in multiple locations, including the office, at home or at a client's office. It is designed to increase motivation levels, meet changing employee demands and improve client service.

The Birmingham office currently employs 75 staff, which work on Quasar, the back office software, and also the recently launched new innovative front to back office product, rhymeSIGHT. rhymeSIGHT provides a single environment and experience for a wide range of asset management user communities - including dealers, client relationship managers, compliance teams, fund managers and operations staff - reducing multiple data sources, double entry, reconciliation issues, and risk.

Steve Young, Director of Rhyme Systems, comments: "This is an exciting time for Rhyme. With the launch of rhymeSIGHT and our new offices, we want to encourage a new working culture that enables our employees to have a better work/life balance whilst getting the most out of their job."