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Sydney FX opening hours during the Holidays

ACI Australia on behalf of the Australian CFP and after consultation with the
AFXC (Australian Foreign Exchange Committee) wishes to issue the following
recommendation/guideline with regard to the Sydney Market opening times over
the end of year holiday period.

Due to Global public holidays there will be no direct market in Australia on
Monday 26th December 05 (although Tokyo is open) and Monday 2nd January 06
(only Paris is open) and as such, both these days are considered non-business days in Australia.

Therefore the Sydney Market opening times for these two weeks will move to
5.00am on Tuesday 27th December 05 and 5.00am Tuesday 3rd January 06. We want to alert all our members that trades done after (or before) generally accepted trading hours, should be managed with care and thus done pursuant to proper internal procedures. Individual institutions will need to consider their own
existing contractual obligations (e.g. Barrier options) with customers and Third parties for the time periods that the Tokyo and Paris centres are open.