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Société Générale and XRT offer solution for secure exchange of bank details

Paris - La Défense, 13 December 2005: XRT, a developer of Financial Value Chain management software and a leading provider of treasury management products, has joined forces with Société Générale, one of the largest financial services groups in the Eurozone, to offer businesses a solution
for the online exchange of data files. This solution uses FTP protocol and
CMS signature mode, based on X509 certificates. It has been developed in
response to a growing need among French and international corporates for an
online data exchange system. XRT and Société Générale will market the
product to their respective clients.

To meet the product specifications and develop a high-performance solution,
XRT worked in close collaboration with Société Générale to create a number
of interfaces allowing companies to communicate with the banking group's
technology platform. These interfaces are designed to allow users equipped
with the package to manage their financial transaction flows efficiently and
obtain the latest details on account statements in complete security, thanks
to a fully encrypted secure electronic signature system. Management of the
banking relationship is therefore easier than ever for users.

Société Générale clients equipped with an XRT Universe Communication
workstation or an XRT Business Exchange server will be able to retrieve
reporting files from Société Générale servers; this process will be
completely automatic. In addition, users will be able to sign their order
placement slips with X509 certificates and send them to the Société Générale
server via FTP internet protocol.

"We are particularly pleased with our collaboration with XRT and with the
end product, which we believe provides an effective response to a genuine
need on the part of the business community. The solution is completely
automated from start to finish. The signature technique is exactly the same
as that used for FILEACT files on SWIFTNET, which means it is completely
compatible with business' existing systems," explained Isabelle Le BOULCH,
Director of Corporate Product Design and Marketing at Société Générale.

"XRT has always paid close attention to the needs of the market and our
partners," added Jean BEAUFORT, General Manager for Southern Europe, the
Middle East and Africa at XRT. "It was therefore only logical that we should
develop a joint solution with Société Générale to assist our clients in
their expansion in France, Europe and abroad. All of us at XRT feel this
partnership with Société Générale has brought significant value added,"
concluded Jean Beaufort.

The solution package, which is the result of several months of technical
collaboration between the two companies, has been made particularly easy to
integrate thanks to the use of shared architecture, such as the IP network
and dual electronic signatures using secure digital certificates. This
signature system is identical to the one XRT developed recently for SWIFTNET
and already markets to its existing clients.