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KeyF software releases WRR version 3.0

KeyF today announced the release of its middle office automation reporting platform.

WRR 3.0 offers a solution to automate and produce P&L, Market Risks and Liquidity reports across profit centers, portfolios, instruments, counterparties, currencies, trades.

As an industrialized middle office function application, WRR produces automatically reports by extracting, calculating and aggregating market and financial indicators from banks systems.

In order to facilitate WRR integration in banks infrastructure, WRR works on any database as a Web base application written in PHP (Open-Source).

Reports customization and formatting can be done by the bank (through reports parameter, CSS style sheet or application source code).

Therefore, in the new version users can set up new reports, portfolios hierarchy, reporting currencies, columns.

Access Rights module allows to the bank to manage access rights across reports and portfolio hierarchy.

Yannick Fessler, KeyF Manager, said "With WRR 3.0, middle office team will spend 100% of their time to analyze reports rather than 80% to produce them".