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Essent Kabelcom selects Human Inference to cleanse and enrich invoice database

Customer data improvement with HIquality software

Arnhem, 28 November 2005 - Essent Kabelcom has selected Human Inference,
supplier of data quality software, to cleanse and enrich the data of ‘Essent Service & Verkoop’. This process will take place in the coming months and result in a database containing up-to-date, correct, complete and unique data. After an initial conversion phase, mutations are being processed every two weeks. At the beginning of December a cleansed and enriched set of data will be ready to be migrated.

Essent Kabelcom supplies its customers with both analogue and digital TV-signals as well as internet and telephone connection via cable. In the past customers using analogue TV-signals received their invoice together with their utilities bill. The goal of cleansing and enriching the data is to integrate it into the billing and CRM system of Essent Kabelcom at the beginning of December.

Prior to this all data needs to be checked, cleansed and standardized. Human
Inference has been selected for this job, because of their specific expertise. Using HIquality Name and HIquality Address, name and address data are being checked and standardized. Consequently the data is matched with the details of @Home and TVHome customers in order to enrich these with a telephone number and an email address if possible.

Roelof Kramer, project leader data migration, is very please with the cooperation so far: "Human Inference has helped to use the right standards and prevent mistakes with their proactive attitude and experience with these kinds of processes. The choice of Human Inference by Essent was based on previous experiences with Human Inference at Essent Energie and also price and performance."