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Investmaster and MBA partner to offer wealth managers an extended range of Managed Application Services and Business Continuity services.

LONDON, 28th November 2005 – Investmaster Group Ltd ('IGL'), the UK’s largest supplier of integrated systems for wealth managers and institutional brokers, today announced a strategic collaboration with MBA Systems Ltd. ('MBA').

Under the terms of their partnership MBA will provide outsourced hosting and Managed Application Services ('MAS') for Investmaster products as well as offering Business Continuity services to Investmaster’s customers.

The partners will jointly market and sell these new services to existing Investmaster customers as well as other private client investment managers and private banks in the marketplace. The full set of Investmaster STP products will be offered from MBA’s secure operational infrastructure. These will include:

4i – Core. The market leading settlement system.
4i – OMR. A highly flexible order management and routing system.
4i – CFD. The specialist broking and settlement module for 'Contracts for Difference'.
4i – Connect. The mostly widely used Crest interface product on the market.
Wealthmaster Front Office. With over 800 end users the most widely used portfolio management and modelling product in the UK.

In addition to Investmaster’s own products, the partner products for which it acts as distributor and which form part of the Wealth Relationship Management platform will also be available on a MAS basis. Whether integrated with Investmaster products or used stand-alone these services will be available for:

Coric – Document Management and Client Reporting
Salentica – Client Relationship Management
Revenue Manager – Fees Billing and Invoicing

Business continuity has always been of key concern to private client investment managers heightened in recent years by the increasing number of security incidents around the world. Consequently good business practice (as well as regulatory pressure) dictates that business continuity plans and provision must be in place. The partnership with MBA will mean that Investmaster’s customers will be able to rely on both the proven MBA infrastructure and the comprehensive support of its core application software provider to ensure a rapid recovery of its operations in the event of a serious incident.

Stephen Taylor, Sales & Marketing Director of MBA commented: "Increasingly, organisations in the investment and securities industry are recognising the benefit of outsourcing the technical operation of their systems. We believe that our collaboration with Investmaster will offer wealth managers the winning combination of MBA’s technology skills and resources and Investmaster’s market leading application solutions."

"With our Wealth Relationship Management platform we already offer Private Client Investment Managers and Private Banks an unparalleled scope of functionality," added Simon Tizard, Investmaster’s Sales & Marketing Director.

"This functionality encompasses portfolio management and modelling, client relationship management, sophisticated client reporting and document management capabilities as well as our very widely used back office and CGT solutions. We have recognised that many organisations want their applications available on a managed basis and we are delighted to be able to offer these as a value added service provided by MBA."