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Tangosol and BEA Partner to Deliver Unique Portal Federation Capabilities and Unprecedented Scalable Performance to Customers of BEA WebLogic Portal

Providing seamless integration with BEA WebLogic Portal, Tangosol Coherence delivers Wide Area Network (WAN)-capable clustered session management and caching for BEA WebLogic Portal applications, providing exceptional scalable performance and resiliency to portal applications, and enabling federated portals to directly and efficiently share data and workflow using WSRP.

Somerville, MA - October 25, 2005 -- Tangosol introduces a series of new capabilities in Tangosol Coherence designed to enhance applications running on BEA WebLogic Portal. Tangosol is the leading provider of data-grid and clustered caching solutions for large-scale Java™ and J2EE™ applications, and is leveraging its expertise in large-scale mission-critical applications to add Wide Area Network (WAN) clustering, clustered workflow and clustered caching to WebLogic Portal applications, including those federated using the new Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) standard.

The Tangosol blueprint for clustered and federated portal data leverages WebLogic Portal’s Custom Data Transfer extensions and Coherence’s sophisticated partitioned clustered caching. Using the Tangosol blueprint, portal applications can efficiently share large amounts of workflow and live data in real time across any number of federated portlets, enabling complex applications to be assembled from an organization’s own reusable portlets. Common use cases for clustered and federated WSRP include online loan applications, which have to collect information over a series of pages, using a collection of domain-specific portlets, and online banking systems, in which portlets are all working with different views of the same user and account information.

"Many of our customers see a major opportunity in sharing workflow and live data across federated portals." said Alex Toussaint, BEA Product Manager for WebLogic Portal. "Our customers are building complex portal applications, and quite often they see opportunities for reusing individual portlets. These portlets may be developed independently, and may even be deployed into separate application clusters and datacenters. The same portlets are often applicable both to internal applications, such as those used within a call center, and to public-facing web sites, such as Internet banking. In all of these cases, our customers can federate these portlets together using BEA WebLogic Portal with WSRP, and they can use Tangosol Coherence to efficiently share live data and documents-in-progress within these federated portals."

Starting with release 3.1, Coherence*Web includes WAN-capable HTTP session clustering support for WebLogic Portal applications. Coherence*Web is a module that provides HTTP session management for extreme-scale clusters requiring the highest levels of availability and scalable performance.

Tangosol is working to further deepen integration of Coherence into the WebLogic Portal by enabling the Portal to cache portal and personalization data in clustered Coherence caches directly through the use of WebLogic Portal’s native personalization (P13N) cache application programming interfaces (APIs). Since Coherence can aggregate the cache capacity of all servers in a cluster, the cache sizes supported with this combination will be immense. Also, in a capacity-on-demand environment, additional servers brought online will be instantly effective since the clustered caches are immediately available to new servers when they start.

"We are very excited to see the benefits of the partnership between BEA and Tangosol," said Victor Kemeny, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of William Hill, one of the world's leading betting companies. "The seamless integration between WebLogic Portal and Coherence will improve the scalable performance of our WebLogic Portal applications by sharing portal caches among all of our servers, and Tangosol and BEA are providing this to us without any code changes on our part."

All of these capabilities are included in the Tangosol Coherence Enterprise Edition, so joint customers automatically benefit from the partnership. "Our goal is simple," added Cameron Purdy, President of Tangosol. "We will provide our customers with the highest levels of availability and scalability for all of their enterprise applications, and we will work with our partners to accomplish this as seamlessly and automatically as possible. Our joint customers already are reaping the benefits of our BEA partnership."