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PolarLake Participating in Interoperability Pavilion and Learning Center at IAEM Annual Conference

Dublin, Ireland, 15th November 2005 – PolarLake is participating in an interoperability pavilion and demonstration being held at the International Association of Emergency Managers annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

The demonstration shows the exchange of standardized data messages between disparate and unique messaging tools. Using three emergency scenarios ranging from an explosion to a bio-terrorism event, to a hurricane, the Pavilion features continual demonstrations showing how standardized data messages can be exchanged by disparate emergency agency software systems and tools.

"PolarLake is delighted to take part in such a significant demonstration and illustrate how our uniquely productive integration approach is able to address complex, real-world challenges," said Ronan Bradley, CEO of PolarLake. "Emergency response and homeland security demand the close co-operation of multiple agencies. PolarLake’s ability to integrate multiple diverse technologies and data formats make the creation and evolution of these inter-agency solutions possible – and our productive and flexible approach simultaneously drives down the cost of these projects."

COMCARE Chair and Executive Director of the North Carolina Wireless 9-1-1 Board, Richard Taylor said, "End-to-end data interoperability within the emergency response community is a critical goal of our organization. Participating in the demonstration shows leadership by using innovative methods for sharing standardized emergency messages."

Using actual and draft standards, over 20 technology companies within the pavilion, in other locations on the exhibit floor and around the country will exchange alerts, resource requests and hospital status information during the demonstrations. Participants will demonstrate the interoperability value of the OASIS Common Alerting Protocol and three draft data standards being developed as part of a DHS-sponsored program.