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Israel's Beinleumi Bank and U-Bank Improve Customer Experience with Aliroo's Secured E-mail Solutions

Customers will receive bank statements, stock information directly to their e-mail address. Each mail will be secured and encrypted and provide the bank with a legally binding Certified Return Receipt.

November 15, 2005

Israel's U-Bank, of the Beinleumi Bank group, has gone live with Aliroo's Secure E-mail System. The system is aimed to improve the communication between the leading investment bank and its customers, while standing up to the regulatory requirements of Israel's Central Bank concerning customer data protection and data encryption.

Beinleumi has implemented an Enterprise version of Aliroo's leading SES Product, which provides Beinleumi with a comprehensive e-mail security solution including protection from spam, computer viruses, and malicious codes, and provides content monitoring for incoming and outgoing mail. In addition U-Bank customers will be able to receive personal financial information, via encrypted e-mail, ensuring the complete privacy of the information and their security. Finally, the unique features of Aliroo's SES will allow U-Bank to enjoy legally binding certified return receipt for encrypted mail and at the same time help provide complete protection from Phishing and similar e-mail scams to the bank's customers.

Meir Zorea, Aliroo's President and CEO mentioned that - "Aliroo is extremely happy to have added U-Bank, a bank known for its high technological and service levels, to the long list of financial and healthcare institutions, and leading organizations and firms that have chosen to implement Aliroo's products and technologies to protect their e-mail traffic. The U-Bank installation provides additional proof to the high quality of Aliroo's products and to the comprehensive answers that our solutions provide."