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TradeFreedom Deploys Recognia Interactive

Recognia Inc. is pleased to announce that TradeFreedom has deployed Recognia
Interactive, a suite of technical analysis and chart pattern recognition
tools. Recognia Interactive makes it easy for TradeFreedom account holders
to use technical analysis to evaluate the outlook of their stocks and to
uncover new trading ideas, allowing them to make more informed trading

"TradeFreedom is committed to helping active traders react quickly to market
opportunities and enhance their trading success." says Dominique Ferst,
President of TradeFreedom. "Recognia helps us do that by making it easier
for TradeFreedom customers to incorporate technical analysis into their
decision-making process and keep on top of changing price situations."

TradeFreedom offers Recognia's full suite of tools through their
TradeFreedomEdge and TradeFreedomMax software. TradeFreedom customers can
specify a ticker for Recognia's Technical Insight tool to pull up a summary
of the current outlook for a stock from a short-term, intermediate-term and
long-term technical analysis perspective. The Technical Event Stock Screener
tool allows investors to uncover new trading ideas by screening for stocks
that have recently formed a chart pattern or some other key technical
situation also known as a Recognia Technical Event. The Technical Event
Alerts tool provides convenient notification of trading opportunities,
thereby assisting customers with their investment strategies and providing
important notification about changing market situations. Finally, there is a
wealth of educational material for those wanting to learn more about
technical analysis.

Technical Analysis is the quantitative side of investment research,
analyzing prior price changes and looking for patterns and relationships in
price history to help make investment decisions. Until now investors have
required extensive training and manual intervention to use technical
analysis to support their investment decisions. Using advanced computer
technology, Recognia has automated the process of finding, categorizing and
presenting events based on technical analysis principles.

"TradeFreedom's focus on putting power in the hands of traders made
Recognia's patented analytics an obvious choice to add to their
next-generation brokerage service." says Rick Escher, President of Recognia.
"They have made significant investments toward providing the best service
for active traders and investors, and we are very pleased to be able to
support their objectives by providing TradeFreedom customers with the very
best in investment analytics."