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Panopticon and Business Architects form strategic alliance offering visualisation-based portfolio management

LONDON - November 14, 2005, Panopticon Software and Business Architects today announced a strategic alliance. The announcement brings together two best of breed front-office specialists. Panopticon is the leading supplier of real-time visualisation solutions to the world’s financial markets, while Business Architects is the leading front and middle office investment software supplier. This alliance will enable customers to easily combine the two companies’ solutions in a single environment.

With this new integration customers will get the full benefits of Panopticon’s sophisticated visualisation technology within the Business Architects’ proven wealth management solution eXimius.

The solution is entirely web-based and built in a Microsoft environment. It includes broad portfolio management functionality:

· Performance attribution & measurement

· Risk analysis

· Modelling and benchmarking

· Pre and post trade compliance

· Simulation

· Rebalancing

· Order generation and extensive reporting capabilities

Panopticon’s treemap visualisation solutions are dynamic, interactive tools used for analysis and data exploration. A visual decision support solution from Panopticon is packed with functionality and controls that enable the user to do on-the-fly comparisons, slicing-and-dicing of data, look at aggregates along any dimension, change the characteristic assigned to size or colour and much more. Panopticon products handle true real-time data updates.

Unlike common spreadsheets and pivot tables, Panopticon treemaps instantly appeal to human curiosity and perceptive ability. The size and colour of objects is easy and intuitive to understand. They trigger users to investigate anomalies and outliers in the data sets by appealing not only to the logical, left part of your brain but also to the right, artistic part.

Says Martin Porter, business development director at Panopticon Software, "Panopticon is a pioneer in interactive visualisation software for financial institutions, with customers like JPMorgan, Bear Stearns and Citigroup. By joining forces with Business Architects we will be able to give customers the best that the front office industry can offer for wealth management."

Says Peter Schramme, vice president investment management at Business Architects: "By integrating the Panopticon visualisation software with our eXimius Front Office solution, we can offer our customers - who have vast amounts of CRM and Portfolio data in their eXimius enterprise environments - unprecedented insights. By making the appealing visualisation software readily available, we confirm to our customers - yet again- our role as a front runner in the Wealth Management Market."