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Financial Services leaders unite on Customer Experience

14 November 2005

Two leading players in the online world have joined forces to launch a new service - Experience Excellence - the brainchild of edge IPK and HeathWallace.

Experience Excellence combines the complimentary strengths of both companies into a single unique offering. The new offering for financial services organisations brings together HeathWallace’s proven framework for evaluating and designing an organisations’ online "customer experience" with edgeIPK’s expertise in developing compelling experience solutions using their ground breaking Open Presentation Platform.

Recent research from Gartner identifies that up to 40% of the effort of developing online applications goes into creating the presentation layer that provides the Customer Experience.

Dharmesh Mistry, CTO, edge IPK, stated "Leaders within the financial services sector have started to open their eyes to the major factor driving customer intimacy and operational efficiency strategies: Customer Experience. As organisations realise that the Internet is driving transparency in product pricing so too are they realising getting the right customer experience is key to attracting new customers and retaining existing customers. At the same time key to driving operational efficiency is the ease of use in systems used across all business processes."

"Having researched the marketplace for expertise in Customer Experience, HeathWallace emerged as true leaders with a solid base of successful implementations. The combination of HeathWallace and edgeIPK’s product provides the only complete offering in the market for Customer Experience," he added.

Financial services organisations are seeing a huge growth in the number and types of applications required to support sales, services and back office applications. This growth is driven by increasing complexity of applications supporting processes for multiple types of users, brands, channels and languages.

Dave Wallace, CEO HeathWallce added: "Our unique Experience Framework quickly establishes metrics for delivering successful experience applications. However with the increase in demand for such applications clearly automation is required. edge IPK’s Open Presentation Platform not only delivers dramatic acceleration of development timescales but is the only platform support delivery to Online (rich and thin), Portal, Offline and Composite applications".