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TietoEnator to continue with Samlink

TietoEnator Corporation Press Release 10 November 2005 1.00 pm EET

On 1 November 2005, TietoEnator agreed to continue its current services agreement with Samlink for a further five years. Cooperation under the continued agreement will extend to capacity and back-up arrangements. The extension of the agreement does not have a significant effect on TietoEnator's revenue.

TietoEnator will supply Samlink with z/Os functions, including central processing unit and storage capacity as well as communications links. The service will be implemented as a two-centre solution.

"It is important for Samlink that we can guarantee our customers a reliable, scalable service with banking services available 24/7," says Mr Heikki Sirve, President and CEO of Samlink.

"We are happy to be able to continue our long-standing partnership with Samlink. The cost-effective solution we provide is a guarantee to the customer that the services they need are delivered uninterruptedly," says Mr Sakari Lehtola, Executive Vice President, TietoEnator Processing & Network.