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29West Launches Release 2.0 Of Latency Busters™ Messaging Software And The CME Gateway Application

Warrenville, IL, and FIA Expo, Chicago, IL, November 8-10, 2005 – 29West, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance messaging software solutions, today announced the general availability of release 2.0 of Latency Busters™ Messaging (LBM) software at the Futures Industry Association Expo 2005 in Chicago.

LBM is currently in production use at a number of leading banks, exchanges and trading firms worldwide. General availability of LBM release 2.0 offers many new features and makes it easier to port existing applications that have been developed on top of widely-deployed existing messaging systems. LBM is a next-generation approach to messaging that solves performance and capability problems associated with other messaging software that have not kept pace with increasing market data volumes. LBM gives investment professionals a competitive advantage in the market by providing a messaging layer that provides higher throughput and lower latency than any other high-speed messaging software in the market.

"With new features including support for wildcard receivers, 29West has made it a fairly straightforward task to move customer-developed applications designed for older messaging solutions to the new architecture of LBM. Typically one or two weeks of effort is all our customers need to be running their applications at dramatically faster speeds using LBM. That is why we encourage companies who care about messaging stability, throughput and latency to get LBM software as part of a no-cost evaluation to see for themselves," said Mark Mahowald, president and founder of 29West.

Mr. Mahowald added, "Some of our customers and evaluation accounts have been able to measure staggering improvements of 3 to 10 times higher throughput when simply replacing their existing messaging software with LBM. With the release of 2.0, the replacement of existing messaging systems is now even easier."

29West also announced the availability of early access code for its new CME Gateway product for use with the CME’s Market Data Platform (MDP). The CME Gateway is an add-on application for LBM that decompresses and separates individual CME messages from MDP’s multicast data channels and publishes them using LBM.

"With the CME Gateway, firms who want to move to the new MDP delivery model now have a clean Pub/Sub interface to receive the market data. By handling duplicate elimination, data recovery in your network and isolating message traffic, our customers can concentrate on building their financial applications, not decoding the multicast feeds," said Van Valzah, 29West’s Director of Technical Marketing.

29West offers LBM as a stand-alone product for use by exchanges, performance-focused trading shops and large end-users that require high-performance messaging solutions. 29West also provides an OEM licensing model to allow financial market application vendors to embed LBM inside a broader market solution. 29West’s strategy is to meet the needs of a growing array of sophisticated users who are looking for a market advantage in their data-delivery architecture and view lower latency and higher throughput as advantages they can leverage to improve their competitive position.