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Kx Systems Shaves Latency to Zero for Tick Data

Newest release of kdb+tick strips message processing overhead and creates unparalleled opportunity for auto trading.

Palo Alto (November 8, 2005) - Kx Systems today announced new speed gains for its kdb+tick application, achieved by eliminating the latency between data capture and data analysis. Kx, leader in high-performance databases and financial applications, offers kdb+tick worldwide on Linux, Solaris and Windows x64 operating systems.

"Today's onslaught of tick data streams in 24x7 from multiple exchanges worldwide. The trading firm that acts on this data faster stands to make enterprising trades microseconds ahead of the competition," said Simon Garland, Kx CTO. "Zero latency kdb+tick makes streaming data usable in applications immediately."

Because kdb+tick v. 2.2 removes the traditional delay between the capture of streaming data and its availability for applications, it enables traders to receive every single tick instantly. Applications written using kdb+tick can, for example, update a spreadsheet in real time with every tick that streams in.

By removing the latency between tick data capture and analysis, kdb+tick endows extreme speed applications, such as auto trading and program trading, with more time to execute advanced strategies. It becomes feasible, for example, to perform full depth-of-book program trading on billions of ticks in a single trading day.

Matthew Rock, Director IT at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, commented "We rely on the capture speed and fast, flawless time-series analysis in kdb+tick to develop unprecedented trading models, to back test trading strategies, and to position DrKW for superior program trading."

Kdb+tick gives traders more time to respond decisively and intelligently to market conditions in real time, and its database heritage takes kdb+tick beyond ordinary streaming data solutions. Without losing a microsecond of speed for streaming data processing, kdb+tick also maintains a real-time database that process a million events per second and saves a historical database for business-critical functions such as regulatory audit trails.