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Cameron Systems Delivers FIX Market Data Server for Streamlining Multiple Market Data Vendor Feeds

London & New York: Monday 17 October, 2005: — Cameron Systems, the leading global provider of FIX-based messaging platforms, today announced details of the newly developed CameronFIX Market Data Server to meet client demand for faster Financial Information Exchange "FIX" based market data processing.

The CameronFIX Market Data Server will allow financial institutions to receive multiple market data vendor feeds and transform these into FIX market data messages. Developed with easy-to-use, pluggable market data feed adapters; the Market Data Server will be shipped as a stand-alone product independent to the CameronFIX Universal Server.

"Cameron Systems is pleased to take a leadership role in providing customers with unified, FIX-based market data capabilities," says Chief Technology Officer, John Cameron. "The market data server is targeted particularly at firms with high volume market data distribution or consumption needs including exchanges, market data providers and algorithmic traders."

"The CameronFIX Market Data Server is totally aligned with current FIX initiatives such as FIX Adapted For Streaming (FAST) and the user driven need for further exchange and market data FIX standardization," says Cameron Systems Head of Sales, Glenn Cruickshank.

The CameronFIX Market Data Server is the first commercial product to use Cameron Systems new patent pending accelerator technology. This technology can boost FIX performance by a factor of 10.

In the coming weeks Cameron Systems will be releasing the first market data adapter, the CameronFIX Reuters Market Data Service (RMDS) Adapter, which will allow institutions to convert Reuters feeds to the FIX protocol.

The CameronFIX Market Data Server can also provide the in-process market data implementation required to run the CameronFIX Compliance module. CameronFIX Compliance provides the required institutional compliance filtering rules for market and credit compliance.

For more information regarding the Market Data Server or CameronFIX Reuters Adapter contact Cameron Systems in your region.

Cameron Systems is next exhibiting at the FPL Electronic Trading Conference in New York, November 1 – 2, followed by the inaugural institutional equity trading summit in Singapore - Trade Tech Asia 2005 - November 29 to December 1.