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BST expands its interface products - MarketXS!

Amsterdam / Schiphol Oost, October 18, 2005 - BST is pleased to present you the new development of an interface between MarketXS' Finance Engine(tm) and BST's FinOffice5. The FinOffice-UserXS interface will seamlessly connect FinOffice5 (FinMarketData and FinContract) with the information platform of MarketXS.

With BST's development of this 2-way interface it will be possible from October 2005 on, to directly transfer data records from FinOffice to UserXS and vice versa. The authorizations (services, products, exchanges, etc.) are individually defined per date and written on the respective platforms (UserXS or FinOffice). This allows a central administration of authorizations, costs and contracts.

After the import FinOffice administrates the costs exact to the day. Already existing and further occurring cost can be controlled and displayed according to the budget at the push of a button - per defined date or into the future. The administrative effort for the user decreases significantly and possible sources of errors are reduced to a minimum due to the automated synchronization of both systems by the interface.

BST offers a variety of products based on FinOffice5 to manage your business within the field of market data, telecommunications and inventory.

Product Suite of BST

- FinMarketData: the market data inventory management tool
- FinTelecom: the telecommunications inventory management tool
- FinContract: the interactive contract management database
- FinOperations: the vendor-specific product that manages incoming and outgoing services
- FinExchange: the exchange-specific product that manages services provided to clients and vendors and reconciles DAD reports
- FinFlow: the work flow database used to track orders from users through to execution
- FinInventory: the inventory database

BST is very pleased to count MarketXS as one of its partners being the result of offering quality and common way of thinking. Founded in 1989, BST has offices in New York (BST America), London (BST Europe), and Zurich (BST Banking Software Training AG).