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Trace’s Transformer further extends marketing leading position

Trace Financial Limited (part of Trace Group plc) today announced the immediate availability of Transformer version 2.3. Transformer is part of Trace’s SWIFT Ready Gold messaging suite and provides data integration, message mediation and dictionary-based transformation. This new release provides significant new functionality to extend and enhance Transformer's market leading role as an enterprise wide message transformation technology. Its unique approach allows business analysts (not just programmers) to control the system and business demands created by evolving messaging standards.

Automatic Web Service Deployment: The new release provides facilities to package a Transformer solution along with the system files necessary to deploy the solution directly onto a target platform. Using this functionality, a Business Analyst can define message formats, create and test the mappings between those formats, and then package the entire project into deployable unit such as a Java EAR file for deployment into an IBM WebSphere environment including; Application Server, Server Foundation, and Server Express. Depending on the target environment, this may be automatically deployed from within the Transformer development environment further reducing the dependence on over-stretched IT resources. Performance is optimised as the Transformer runtime uses cached and highly efficient structures to deliver very performant message processing. Transformer's thread-safe architecture allows full exploitation of multi-processor hardware and J2EE threaded architecture.

Test as you design: Ian Treadgold, head of development and implementation says "significant enhancements have also been made to the testing facilities for Transformer mapping definitions in Transformer v2.3. Facilities now exist to allow the developer to view the results of their mapping actions with live data, either from files or databases as required. This introduction of dynamic testing facilities provides a real advantage over competitive products and will assist in significantly reducing the time-to-market of complex mapping solutions".

There are enhanced facilities to assist in testing all mapping actions along with conditions and actions involved with repetitive actions including simulation of the testing of code islands of unexecuted logic.

New message libraries: Transformer v2.3 also extends the supplied libraries supported beyond the existing SWIFT ISO 7775, 15022, 20022 and FIX definitions v 4.0 to 4.4 to provide support for FpML as well as the ICMA TRAX 2005 libraries. These libraries, along with the inherent support for proprietary formats such as fixed width, CSV and generic XML schemas, further enhance Transformer's position as a market leading transformation solution for today's financial market place.

John Murphy, managing director of Trace Financial, said "We know from years of experience that financial enterprises have significant cost, time-to-market and business risk issues coping with complex and evolving messaging standards. The rate of change is increasing all the time. Competitive messaging solutions are not sophisticated enough properly to address these issues. We have solved them and done it in a way that can coexist with whatever EAI, SOA, ESB, J2EE, .NET etc. is in use."