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Latest Release Completes Phase I of Fixed Income Trading Module And Further Extends Value-at-Risk Capabilities

NEW YORK, September 6, 2005- Imagine Software, the leading provider of full-service hosted trading and risk management solutions for the global financial industry, today announced general availability for Version 6.0.2 of the Imagine Trading System.

The Imagine Trading System is a real-time derivative trading, portfolio and risk management platform. The integrated platform, available as an enterprise application and a web-based solution -, serves global banks, brokerages, hedge funds, fund of funds and pension funds worldwide.

Version 6.0.2 completes phase I of Imagine’s fixed income trading module, enabling users to manage the risk of floating rate notes, caps and floors, commercial paper, swaptions, and callable and puttable bonds.

"The Imagine Trading System now offers traders the comprehensive fixed income product coverage and supporting pricing, hedging and modeling capabilities needed to make smarter trades in today’s markets," stated Steven Harrison, President of Imagine Software. "When combined with the system’s coverage across equities, convertible bonds, structures, foreign exchange, derivatives and commodities, we offer a single integrated platform that supports the alternative investment industry’s maturation toward cross-asset diversification across any trading strategy."

Version 6.0.2 also extends the system’s robust risk engine. The Historical Monte Carlo engine now provides support for historical yield curve shifts and currency shifts. Over the past 2 years, Imagine has sourced historical data from archived proprietary yield curves to provide data for these simulations. Users can now apply over 200 sovereign, LIBOR and emerging market yield curves to calculate Historical VaR. Imagine has also enhanced its Parametric VaR and Random Monte Carlo engines to provide support for credit spread risk movement, including sector-rating spread curve risk and issuer spread-above-sector risk. The extended VaR capabilities provide users with enhanced risk modeling and insight to provide for risk-adjusted benchmark returns and minimize market risks.

From a technological standpoint, Version 6.0.2 supports .NET technology, which allows the platform to seamlessly integrate and communicate with other enterprise applications as well as replace manual processes with automated workflow procedures. Users now benefit from improved operational efficiency and decision-making through streamlined workflow.

Imagine continues to be the only derivative trading and risk management vendor that offers a full-service hosted solution, which provides the benefits of software on demand, data and processing services. It ensures immediate global accessibility and rapid time to market at minimal cost.