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SmartStream launches TLM® Corona

London, September 5, 2005. SmartStream Technologies, the market leading provider of Transaction Lifecycle Management solutions, today launched TLM® Corona. This new Corona product has been developed to be central to SmartStream’s STP Control Architecture Web platform and is focused on reducing its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Corona remains the World’s Favourite Reconciliation system and with this significant investment it is set to remain so for the foreseeable future.

TLM® Corona is a new offering specifically for clients wanting to access all the deep functionality of Corona, using a state of the art web client. In addition to the significant cost savings that web based applications offer, TLM® Corona also provides users with access to SmartStream’s entire range of TLM® products – integrating Corona to SmartStream’s STP Control Architecture.

Commenting on the new release, Wolfgang Prinz, Product Manager, SmartStream, stated "TLM® Corona delivers both technical and functional benefits to drive down risk and remove cost from the business. Financial Institutions can extend remote access beyond their own employees – providing customers and business partners with secure access to the same screens as internal staff. TLM® Corona provides firms with greater control of their risk exposure and the ability to deliver customer self-service."

Web Dashboards in TLM® Corona enable clients to reduce their reliance upon third party reporting tools because Dashboards are fully customisable. Both Operational and Management users can be presented with the information that’s relevant for their role internally or across the Internet. Operational insight is strengthened through Drill Down functionality that allows users to quickly and easily query data for operational and reporting purposes.

The combination of low cost deployment and reduced systems maintenance delivered by TLM® Corona’s pure internet architecture and the enhanced Dashboard functionality means that TCO is significantly reduced. Prinz explains, "Regardless of the implementation’s scale it can be managed centrally and once installed, updates and functional changes can be rolled out quickly and easily across the organisation. We believe this will have a significant reduction to clients TCO"

Concluding, Prinz stated, "TLM® Corona is just a further example of SmartStream’s long term commitment to Corona and provides a valuable upgrade path to access the rest of SmartStream’s Transaction Lifecycle Management solutions. It will enable Corona clients to build on their Reconciliations and Exception Management functionality to create an STP Control Architecture to manage transaction lifecycles from Front- to Back Office."