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FSSC launches Recognised Trainer Scheme

28 July 2005

The Financial Services Skills Council (FSSC) today (28 July 2005) launches a new scheme to recognise trainers in the financial services sector.

The FSSC Recognised Trainer Scheme is suitable both for independent trainers and for individuals working as in-house trainers in financial services firms. The scheme is the third in a suite of five FSSC schemes. The first two schemes, Accreditation of Training Excellence for firms and for training providers, were launched in May 2005.

In order to meet the standard, the trainer must have a FSSC-recognised level 3 (or above) training qualification. If they do not have such a qualification, they will need to undergo an assessment of their training delivery skills before commencing the self-audit stage of the recognition process. The FSSC Recognised Trainer Scheme is an evidence-based scheme and trainers who apply for recognition must provide evidence that they meet an industry standard developed by the FSSC. Where required, the assessment of training delivery skills will be provided by an assessor from the Training Foundation.

Sara Powell, FSSC Accreditation Manager said "The Training Foundation has been working closely with us to support the development of the FSSC Recognised Trainer initiative and has proved to be the ideal partner to provide practical advice and assistance at every stage. The skills assessment elements of our new FSSC Recognised Trainer Scheme are objective, rigorous and based on tried and tested assessment methods." The Training Foundation recently received The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: Innovation for its Trainer Assessment Programme (TAP®).

Independent trainers who achieve the award will be listed on the FSSC website and will be able to use an FSSC Recognition logo on their professional materials. Recognition will normally last for three years before a new audit is required, although within the three year period a re-licence will need to be applied for annually.

FSSC Standards & Accreditation Director, Lucy Courtenay said: "There are many trainers doing great work in the financial services industry, but without the proof that enables them to differentiate themselves. The FSSC Recognised Trainer Scheme is a great boost to hard-working and capable trainers who want to stand out from the crowd and be recognised for their skills. It’s also a useful indicator for users of training services who want to ensure that they are buying in trainers of the right quality."

The FSSC plans to launch the remaining two schemes in the accreditation suite, Learning Solutions and In-house Exams, by early 2006. This work contributes to the FSSC’s commitment to improve productivity and business performance in the financial services industry.