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Bell ID implements ANDiS4EMV© for one of Europe's largest credit card issuers

A large independent credit card issuer selects Bell ID software for multi-phase

migration to smart card technology in Europe.

Rotterdam – July 26th 2005

Bell ID, worldwide provider of smart card solutions to multiple vertical markets, today announced the implementation of its ANDiS4EMV© solution at the UK headquarters of one of Europe’s largest credit card issuers. The solution will facilitate the issuance of millions of EMV-compliant cards and provides a platform for future post-issuance EMV scripting as well as the issuance and management of multi-application smart cards.

Initially the ANDiS4EMV© solution will integrate with the client’s systems to provide data preparation and EMV parameter management so as to enable the issuance of EMV-compliant smart cards with multi-card scheme branding. The nature of the client’s business requires significant complexity to manage a large number of card types. ANDiS4EMV© meets this challenge and provides a platform for future additional functionality.

Additional phases in the smart card migration strategy are supported by ANDiS4EMV© with issuers having the potential benefit of the following functionality implemented, based on Bell ID’s scaleable, modular product:

• Simple data preparation

• Cryptographic key management with integrated Key Management Authority (KMA) support

• EMV parameter management

• EMV scripting

• Chip Authentication Program (CAP) support

• Static and/or dynamic multi-application management

• Multi-issuer support

• Central or branch issuance.

• Post-Issuance Personalisation and management

Martin Cox Sales Director at Bell ID commented: "This implementation of our ANDiS4EMV solution represents a milestone for our company. A customer driven and forward thinking client such as this challenges us to continue to deliver market leading products. We are delighted to work with this client on this and future phases of their smart card strategy, enabling Bell ID to further build its reputation as a world-class supplier of smart card technology."