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BankInvest chooses Workshare to ensure Document Integrity

Workshare Professional implemented to secure documents for Danish Asset Managers

London, 27th July 2005 - Workshare, the leading provider of document integrity applications, today announces that BankInvest, one of Denmark's leading asset managers of mutual funds and large portfolios for private and institutions clients, will deploy Workshare Professional throughout its business critical departments including Controlling, Venture Investment, Product Development, Operations and Legal. This enterprise-wide deal will allow BankInvest employees to confidently manage complex multi-authored documents in a secure environment.

BankInvest is one of many financial organisations that are concerned with the growing risks of document security. BankInvest employees deal with complex agreements and contracts requiring multiple comments and feedback on a day-to-day basis. BankInvest had found it increasingly difficult to track changes made to highly sensitive documents as they underwent multiple reviews by any number of contributors. Ensuring that information adhered to internal compliance policies and that confidential data within documents was secure become a business critical issue for BankInvest. This process relied heavily on the skill and diligence of BankInvest personnel, and was both labour-intensive and time-consuming.

Andrew Pearson, VP EMEA, Workshare commented, "BankInvest's primary concern was to ensure document integrity and reduce the reliance on employee diligence alone. By implementing Workshare Professional, BankInvest could address all of its document integrity concerns not only with regards to Microsoft documents but also the use of PDFs. Documents can now be multi-authored in a safe environment guaranteeing the secure, accurate and efficient completion of documents before they leave the corporation."

BankInvest chose Workshare Professional to simplify these processes allowing contributors to concentrate on the quality of their input and not dilute their focus by worrying about version numbers, how to track changes or the risk of hidden data. Workshare Professional achieves this by controlling and administering company compliance regulations centrally, minimising the possibilities of an inadvertent security breach. Workshare Professional features "one-click" PDF conversion, without having to leave the Microsoft Office environment - this has proved to be an invaluable tool for BankInvest where employees' work regularly involves the creation of PDF documents.

Jakob Hermansen, risk manager at BankInvest commented, "Our experience of Workshare Professional to date is very positive indeed. The product is entirely robust and adds considerable value to our business through ensuring efficiency, accuracy and compliance."