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SunGard Launches New Version of FAME Time Series Database

New York, NY – July 25, 2005 – SunGard (NYSE:SDS) announced today that it has released version 9.2 of its FAME data management solution for storing and managing high-volume time series data. FAME 9.2 includes significant performance improvements, new scripting language tools, more administrative command of remote database servers, and an expanded package for reports, graphs and analytical routines.

"FAME continues to optimize its database and analytical technology to help customers improve efficiency and accuracy in their high-volume, data-reliant processes," said Janet Crowley, president, data management solutions, SunGard. "The new version of FAME helps financial institutions to address trading and risk regulatory reporting targets, as well as build and test models for analysis and decision making."

FAME 9.2 uses 64-bit memory mapping that allows users to load large databases into memory, which helps provide faster and more efficient database access and helps to free up users to perform more complex data calculations and analysis. FAME’s new 4GL scripting language tools help to make code optimization and debugging easier for users and include new built-in statistical and forecasting functionality. The new tools help to make learning the language easier for new users, and writing large segments of complex code more efficient for experienced users.

FAME 9.2 helps to ease the complexity of remote database server administration and allows for more flexible tracking of server usage, by providing system administrators with more command over their remote servers. In addition, SunGard has expanded the scripting language used in FAME’s reporting and analysis package to provide more user flexibility in interactively developing customized analysis, models and graphs on large volumes of data.