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London, 26 July 2005 - BT, one of the world’s largest suppliers of financial trading room systems, today announced that Fuji Hantec Forex Japan Co.,Ltd, a major retail foreign exchange (FX) trading operation, has gone live with ITS.Netrix, an ITS p31 switch and ITSprofile at its Tokyo office.

The FX traders at Fuji Hantec are using ITS.Netrix, BT’s award-winning multimedia device with an eight-channel speaker module. This allows the traders to respond to multiple customer requests and keep in touch with other brokers quickly. Fuji Hantec implemented BT’s technology to cope with an expected rise in trading volumes.

Yozo Hasegawa, president, Fuji Hantec, said: "With low retail interest rates, tight margins in the bond markets and the volatility of stocks in Japan, more investors are looking to FX trading for return on investment. With this increasing demand, we needed the best technology available so our traders can provide the highest level of customer service. We were impressed by the innovative design of ITS.Netrix and the available features, including easy call handling with multiple lines."

Fuji Hantec has also installed an ITS p31 switch, which provides users with the same high functionality as BT’s larger switches, at a much lower cost. This makes it ideal for smaller trading floors, such as Fuji Hantec, and where office space may be an issue.

BT has implemented ITSprofile for the configuration and management of the ITS voice trading platform. Fuji Hantec can perform administrative tasks from the trading floor or remotely, resulting in a high level of reliability from their ITS voice trading infrastructure and a decrease in the amount of support needed.

Mick Williams, general manager, Japan & Korea, BT financial services, said: "We are seeing an increase in demand for ITS.Netrix and the p31 switch in Asia Pacific, as more organisations recognise the value that BT’s voice trading technologies add to customer service and profitability. Fuji Hantec chose BT because our products have been developed to allow for future growth and the adoption of new technologies and not just for the trading room of today."